A high quality extraction booth for cannabis and hemp concentrates

Green Zone is a leading manufacturer of extraction booths, explosive proof hoods, labs and clean rooms. We have lead the way in extraction booth innovation. If you’re looking for an extraction booth manufacturer that will provide a superior quality booth without the inflated price, Green Zone is the right place. Our primary principals of superior craftsmanship, affordability and honesty will be evident and refreshing in an industry full of low quality and sky high prices. At Green Zone we offer something different. Our booths recycle air make-up and have faster heating start-ups.

This system allows you to recycle natural heat to maintain a steady temperature while efficiently saving natural gas. This recycling system will overall minimize your overhead costs and quicken your production level.

Our cannabis concentrate extraction booths come in a variety of sizes that are custom to your needs. Our experienced industrial engineers are constantly innovating the way we see the cannabis and extraction industry every day. We always challenge ourselves through innovation to be the leaders in this fast growing new industry. Our primary objective when creating quality extraction spray booths and equipment is to provide the operator ease of operation and efficiency. Our design and production will help expedite the overall process, saving a large amount of time and money.