Green Zone installs, services and repairs any kind of extraction booth!

Green Zone is a leading manufacturer of C-1 D-1 extraction booths and finishing systems for cannabis and hemp concentrate extraction needs. We have lead the way in extraction booth innovation. If you’re looking for an extraction booth manufacturer that will provide a superior quality booth without the inflated price, you’ve come to the right place. Our primary principals of superior craftsmanship, affordability and honesty will be evident and refreshing in an industry full of low quality and sky high prices.

We manufacture the best booths, rooms and stations to extract concentrate from cannabis and hemp flowers, leaves and trim. We are not modifying shipping containers, but truly building state-of-the-art booths that we can customize to fit your specific needs! Whether you need a clean room built or an extraction booth for your lab to make your line of vape cartridges, dabs and waxes, we are your go to manufacturers. If you need a new explosive proof hood for your lab’s extraction booth, we also offer repair services. Depending on the situation, we can either replace and install new parts to get your lab up to code or repair what you already have, whether you’re using volatile or n0n-volatile gases or solvents, butane, propane, CO2 or methane – we’ve got you covered. Green Zone is also fully licensed and state approved.

Green Zone Extraction Booth C-1 D-1

Our booths recycle air make-up and have faster heating start-ups. This system allows you to recycle natural heat to maintain a steady temperature while efficiently saving natural gas. This recycling system will overall minimize your overhead costs and quicken your production level. Our team is made up of experienced and professional industrial engineers who are constantly helping the cannabis extraction industry evolve further every day.

We always challenge ourselves through innovation to be the leaders in the extraction industry. Our priority when creating quality booths and equipment is to provide ease of use and greater efficiency. Our environmental concern and dedication to the reduction of our common carbon footprint has also pushed us further into special development. To learn more about our environmental technologies and what they can do for your company give us a call today! We can also give you a custom appraisal and evaluation to determine your specific extraction booth needs!

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